Yellow Aspens

Yellow Aspens, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto.

It’s fall color season in Utah – one of the most amazing I can ever remember. Everyone has their theory on what causes color or when it appears. We’re definitely late this year, probably a week or two. Our first bursts came a week ago. Now, it’s just blazing!

My “go-to” spot for short evenings after work is Empire Pass and Guardsman Pass above Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort. The drive up Empire last night was unimpressive – nothing really on fire yet. But the top of Guardsman was impressive.

Tonight, though, just 24 hours later, it was almost a different scene. The entire roadway up Empire was ablaze. And Guardsman Pass was going off like never before!

It’s hard to really capture the detail in leaves with fall color, especially the backlit shots. And with evening winds, HDR is virtually impossible.

Tonight I focused on faster shutter speeds and larger lens openings. Last night’s shots were all a bit soft with the wind. The best shots are backlit, including this one shooting directly into the sun – which was shaded by the trees. Metering was really pretty straightforward, just measuring off one of the highlights and punching in another half top to full stop to compensate.

Watch for more in coming days.

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