Pond and Sky

Tonight was my first mountain bike outing of the year. I was probably a bit aggressive in my goal, but I figured I would go cross country across Silver Creek, loop through Trailside, back through the I-80 tunnel and home – a nice 45 minute ride. Well, I was a bit optimistic on the condition of Silver Creek. It was probably as  high as I’ve ever seen it – pretty much 2-3 feet everywhere and no way I was riding through. But the light was good, so I figured I would ride back home and get the cameras and Jeep.

We live in a desert environment. But every spring it comes alive. Silver Creek takes the runoff from the ridgeline sweeping down from Lewis Peak all the way to our little community. It was raging, as it tends to do in the spring. There are streams everywhere, as well as pond. One massive pond covered several acres and attracted nearly a dozen species of birds. It was an amazing hour as I watched the sun and clouds paint color over the sky and landscape.

Sadly, we lost the sun 20 minutes before sundown as clouds gathered. But for a few minutes it produced some really brilliant colors.

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