I’ve been blessed to have met and worked with many talented artists. Here’s a few of my creative friends with links to their work. Please visit them and spread the word about their work.

Bruce Fritz Photography
Bruce has been a mentor since the days we worked as news photographers for the Capital Times in Madison, WI in the mid-70s. His attention to detail used to drive me crazy – but now I understand it. There was much inspiration gained from walking through his home and looking at the brilliant photography on his walls. Today, Bruce is a highly-regarded commercial and wedding photographer in Madison and one of Nikon’s best customers.

Do Dads for You
My wife Carole has long been an inspiration with her dynamic creativity. This “Duh-Da-Ler” decided to follow her heart and bag her daytime job! After a career as a buyer, manager and creative consultant, she now spends her days, and sometimes long into the night, designing, creating and just basically playing with fabrics, yarns, paints and products. Today, her passion is fabric art with  knit and hand-felted clothing and accessories. She’s always  on the lookout for the next great idea, quickly coming  home to her studio to create another masterpiece. Please visit DoDadsforYou.com or stop by her shop at dodads.etsy.com.

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