Blazing Sky over Timpanogos

Fall colors in the Uintahs were great, but here and gone in a matter of days with early snow. So it was somewhat depressing to drive Duchesne Ridge and Heber Mountain, seeing aspens bare of leaves and snow blanketing the woods. Whether or not I was able to produce any images wasn’t all that material. So as sunset neared, we wheeled the Orange Jeep into my favorite spot in the Uintahs – a small turnaround not far from Heber Mountain. To the north, you can see Snowbasin nearly 50 miles away. To the east, you can see the bare shoulders of the peaks of the Uintahs along the Mirror Lake Highway. And to the west, the broad face of Mt. Timpanogos.

Sunset was spectacular as the sky came alive with color, igniting flames in the clouds that reached all the way back to the Uintahs. It was quite a light show, in bitter cold, as nightfall descended on the Wasatch.

Turning around, though, I saw the most incredible spectacle as virtually every peak along the Mirror Lake Highway all of a sudden came alive in pink glow – only for a fleeting moment!

The sun casts a pink glow on the peaks of the Uintahs
The sun casts a pink glow on the peaks of the Uintahs

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