2012 Faves: Fallen Redwood

Fallen Redwood

California’s redwood forests are a magnificent ecosystem. Walking through the broad avenues in a redwood forest is a spiritual experience. Your imagination runs wild when you think about the explosive crash when a 300-foot giant falls to earth. And you marvel at the new growth as a veritable forest grows out of the remnants of a redwood.

This fallen redwood likely fell just a few months before we stumbled upon it in a forest along Avenue of the Giants near Scotia, California. It’s stump formed a stairway up to the massive trunk and a platform for my tripod. Using an exposure of a full second, I captured the near perfect lines of wood stretching out into the forest using a Nikon D300 with a 10mm lens.

The brilliant, fresh redwood lied in stark contrast to the brilliant green growth in the forest around it. Small sprouts, though, were already popping out as a new ecosystem developed in the fallen giant.

This image is one of my favorites for 2012. You can checkout more on my Flickr Photostream.

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